Sunday, September 22, 2013

BOOK Baby Shower

Quote from a children's book and a banner cut from old story book pages.
This IS NOT my own idea.. but I LOVE this idea and think it is very much worth sharing!

Paired with the following poem.. throw a baby shower based on popular children's books! :) (This could also be adapted to a birthday party for kids.)

"A card is nice
It's sentiment sweet
But a book will keep baby on her feet!
For years to come
Baby will read
Longing for stories
Will never be a need
A shelf full of wisdom
For all to give
For baby to keep
As long as she shall live
Filling up the shelf
Would not be hard
If you'll please sign a book,
Instead of a card!"

A place to put forks!!! :)
Party favors!.. book marks! :)
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