Monday, May 26, 2014

Bride or Groom Q & A Game

The shoe game is a great game for breaking the ice and a fun way to keep everyone laughing and entertained. Sit the happy couple back to back, each in a chair and have them each take one of each of their shoes. All questions asked of them can be answered by choosing "bride or groom". We chose to create the questions on strips of paper before hand and we passed them around the room for other people to ask them, one by one.

Here are some fun example questions:
1. Who is the better cook?
2. Who kills the bugs?
3. Who is funniest?
4. Who is messiest?
5. Who is most likely to clean the most?
6. Who is the better dancer?
7. Who is the better singer?
8. Who is most likely to get lost?
9. Who is smartest?
10. Who is always right?
11. Who knows more song lyrics?
12. Who has the most bad habits?
13. Who takes out the trash?
14. Who is the better driver?

Get creative and make some of the questions specific to the couple. :)
Make the very last question something that creates a reaction from the audience such as...
Who do you love the very most?
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