Monday, May 26, 2014

How To Make Simple Flag Banners

Step 1: Choose a set of colors that match your event and theme.
Step 2: Decide if you want to add any other elements to your banner, such as the PB & J cutouts here.
Step 3. Cut triangle flags from the colors you have chosen. Card stock works best and is more sturdy but any kind of paper will work as long as you handle the banner carefully.
Step 4. Once you have all pieces of your banner cut out punch a hole in the top two corners of each flag.
Step 5. Find a large open area and arrange the flags and other elements. This obviously varies depending on the number of colors or patterns.
Step 6. Measure your twine across the set up of flags. Leave about 4 inches of extra twine on each end of the banner.
Step 7. String the flags together one by one. Start on the underside of the first flag and bring it up through the top.
Step 8. Loop the twine over the top of the flag and back down through the second hole.
Step 9. Continue this pattern as if you are sewing each flag onto the banner.

Now you're done! :) Banners can be easily hung with tape or tied with the extra twine and adjusted to fit your area.

To store fold each flag onto the next and store the banner so it won't bend and reuse the banner as often as you like. :) You may also be interested in:

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