Monday, May 26, 2014

Simple Ways To Make Everything Match Your Theme

These frames had art in them that didn't quite match the theme we had in mind. We were using a rented venue and they were much too large to remove from the wall and hide somewhere else.. so we improvised!! :)

We measured and cut tan butcher paper to fit the size of the glass in frame and attached it with scotch tape. The polka dot square in the middle is made from a cut out of wrapping paper we had purchased to use for the party. So simple.. so cheap.. but so cute! :) And suddenly this art that stuck out like a sore thumb went right along with our party theme! :)

Some more fun ideas for making things match!! :)

1. Roll silverware in a paper dinner napkin of a matching color and tie with twine or ribbon that corresponds with the style of your party.
2. Use a mix of serving dishes, platters, bowls and baskets and tie them all together by using ribbons, flowers, matching tulle or other elements throughout. 
3. Stick with a maximum of 3 colors in the majority of your decorations. Too many colors start to make things look unorganized. 
4. Stay cheap and hit up your local dollar tree for party elements at a low price. My favorite are the plastic table cloths they sell ($1 each). you can use them for so many things and you can't beat the price! 
Make this plastic table cloth curtain for your next party! :) 1. Completely unfold the table cloth 2. Attach one end of the tablecloth to the top of a doorway or window as shown above with scotch tape. 3. Cut a straight line up the middle of the hanging table cloth. 4. Gather each side, one at a time and tie with twine. 5. You may want to attach sides with tape to secure but this is optional.
5. Add touches of things like streamers, balloons, etc to make a color pop.
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