Monday, May 25, 2015

How To Throw A Magical Harry Potter Themed Party

I don't know about you... but in my opinion the Harry Potter series is pretty fantastic. Although some may very well disagree I have never been so drawn in by any other work of literature.. (and that is coming from someone who LOVES to read.) The fact that I love Harry Potter, Hogwarts and the whole magical world paired with the fact that I love throwing parties was bound to collide at some point...

Enjoy the result!! 

One of the greatest things about the masterpieces of J.K. Rowling is her attention to detail. You are never left without a detail to imagine. When you read the Harry Potter books you almost feel as if you have stepped in to Hogwarts yourself and so that is exactly how we wanted our party to feel!

We took advantage of every opportunity to make a sign, add a picture or make a decoration that would stand out. Even the bathrooms were labeled with "Witches & Wizards". Do your research!! There are so many ways to bring your party to life!
These house crests were made from various colors of card stock.
2. Make it believable.
As I said before.. these books make you feel like you're actually a student at Hogwarts and so should your party! Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is so richly explained that it's easy to think of things that will make your party stand out. When your guests walk in you want them in overload with all there is to see.. Keep the magic coming!

Our tables were decorate to symbolize each Hogwarts house and we created a small version of Hogsmeade in another room. The Living Room became The Dursley residence so that no place outside of Hogwarts was forgotten either.

3. Magical Games and Props!

What is Hogwarts without wands? A rousing game of party style Quidditch? Houses to be divided into and an actual Sorting Hat?

This one showen here was made from three simple things...
-a plastic oudoor gardening pot
-hot glue!
First I cut and attached the run around the base of the pot and I follwed that wit adding messy layers of burlap until I reached the top. The pointed section of the hat was made by wrapping a length of burlap in a cone shape and attaching it to the top of the pot. Lastly, I added a few patches for detail.
Guests were sorted into houses as they arrived and throughout the evening we played other games and each house formed a team!
 We sorted the guests by painting the tip of each wand a house color. When they selected a wand they were placed into their Hogwarts house.

4. Photo Ops.
What better souvenir for your guests then having them put themselves right in the middle of the magic. Leave plenty of room for guests to gather and take pictures and throw in a few photo props, frames and backdrops that set the scene.

5. Costumes.
Everyone needs a costume! A Rowling gives us SO MANY choices in her amazing books! Get creative!
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